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Control Panels with EIB © CAN

Fig. 079

Wall mounted control panel, front view, with aluminium fascia, with process diagram printed using under eloxal process

Fig. 080

Wall mounted control panel,

opened, machine panel,

with Profibus connector

Fig. 035

Aluminium control panel, FM, opened,

pivoting front cover, screwed construction,

with standard EIB wiring

Fig. 016

Mosaic control panel,

with ES-STM 8x2/.. fault indicator,

with EIB I/O module, with cover door

Fig. 045

Stainless steel control panel, front view,

for in wall installation

Figg. 045a

V2A stainless steel control panel, FM, opened,

with plastic housing, Schlegel instrumentation,

wiring with EIB

Fig. 032

Aluminium layout panel, FM,

with plastic flush mounting housing for tiled walls,

with standard EIB

Fig. 030

Rittal cabinet with mosaic flush-fitting control panel, opened, wired to standard EIB,

with ES-STM + ES-REM04 fault indication modules
Special feature: "dead man mode", with ES-RAM02 reaction detector

Fig. 023

Mosaic control console, front view, with engraved floor plan

Fig. 023a

Mosaic control console, opened,

for recessed mounting, with EIB, for lighting + fault indication

Fig. 092

Floor plan panel, under eloxal printing

Fig. 093

Layout panel, opened,

with instrumentation for bell control,

including level shifter and coupling relay,

with EIB connector and EIB touch panel

Fig. 105

Mosaic surface mount control panel, front,

in aluminium surface mount housing,

with foreign fittings, with button guard

Fig. 106

MMosaic surface mount housing, interior,

with WAGO Ethernet bus terminals,

with Schlegel instrumentation

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