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Current Monitors

or 3-phase current monitor, Current relay, Current sensor, 3-phase current relay

ES-I30, ES-I304, ES-I314

The AC current sensors monitor the correct electrical supply of three-phase consumers, such as hoisting and chassis motors on cranes, fan motors, solenoid actuators, heating etc. With these units, the relays switch if there is no current in one, two or three phases.Three current transformers integrated in the unit detect the load current. Based on this principle of operation, all components located in the current paths, such as supply units, fuses and contacts, are monitored.

 With that the current monitors take over the active crane supervision.


General Features

  • Rated current range: 0,5 ... 600AW (ampere windings), frequency see device model
  • Current measurement with bushing transformer
  • Activation via enable inputs
  • Fault signallings via 2 relays (1 changer each)
  • Fault memory and indication for each phase (exception: ES-I30, ES-I304)
  • Double LED display (red, green) for relay state
  • Easy to service due to detachable screw terminals (interchange-proof)
  • BA I30 e.pdf  (2.6 MB)AC Current Monitor ES-I30, ES-I304 and ES-I314
  • IS30R e.pdf  (615 KB)AC/DC Rotor Current Monitor ES-IS30R
  • USIY314 e.pdf  (362 KB)AC Current, Asymmetry and Contact Monitor ES-USIY314

Application Example

Main and auxiliary lifting gear and monitoring with digital crane frequency control ES-FDP-KR85L and AC-current and contact monitoring device ES-USIY314.

The Picture was kindly provided by Aktien-Gesellschaft der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen, Germany.

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