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ES-STM8x2 Alarm Signalling Module

or Alarm Indicator Module, Group Indicator, Concentration Indicator, Alarm Device

This System operates as New-Value and First-up Signalling devices

The alarm signalling module ES-STM8x2 is available in a number of versions to convert alarm signals with voltages between 10...260V AC/DC into 24V DC to drive LED's or light bulbs (rated I max. 50mA) and buzzers. A supply voltage of 20 ... 30V DC is hereby required for the module. Up to 60 modules can be connected together for larger alarm signalling systems so that a total of 480 alarm signals can be processed.


The alarm signal inputs and the outputs are electrically isolated, as are the individual alarm signal inputs.The individual inputs can thus be operated with various line phases or control circuits, for example.



The fault signal inputs can be switched over between normally open and normally closed contact mode in two groups of 4 inputs each. The module can be switched over between new value and first-up signalling according to DIN 19235. The common alarm can be static-dynamic, i. e. saved and flashing until the lamps are acknowledged. Or it can be static, i. e. without saving and only with continuous signal. The flashing frequency can be pre-set internally or fed in from an external flasher.


Central and extension modules are identical. The unit is simply switched over to the desired mode of operation on the front panel. In addition, the unit has an input for the lamp test (LP), i. e. no external diode circuitry is required for this function.